Winter Fine Motor Mats with LEGO Bricks

When it comes to developing and strengthening fine motor skills, LEGO takes the cake! What an amazing way to promote the development of young hands and minds! We have spent many afternoons creating towers, cars, castles, school buildings and so many more LEGO activities. Your students will love this winter themed fine motor activity.

Free Winter Fine Motor Lego Mats

The Winter Fine Motor Mats with LEGO Bricks includes so many important skills! The set includes nine winter themed LEGO challenges. Each mat includes a picture to build, the picture word, a large letter to highlight the initial sound of the word, and spaces to count and record how many bricks built by color. Whew! That is a ton of preschool winter fine motor activities and skill practice.

Winter Fine Motor LEGO Activity

Regardless of what activity you use LEGO for, students will definitely work on their fine motor skills. For preschoolers, it’s best to try to incorporate fine motor into as many winter activities as possible, including ABCs, numbers, and sight words!

Build pictures with LEGO bricks for fine motor challenges. Great for OT and preschool!

Fine motor winter activities for preschool strengthen the muscles and dexterity of the hand, fingers and thumbs. These muscles are necessary for tasks such as eating, zipping, buttoning, and of course, writing. As children gain strength and dexterity, handwriting and scissor skills improve.

The LEGO winter printable activity also incorporates letters, beginning sounds, counting, and sorting. While all of these skills are being strengthened, children thing they are simply playing a game because they are using LEGO!

Free printable fine motor activities for your LEGO bricks.

Materials Needed for Fine Motor Winter Activity for Preschool with LEGO

Paper | Laminating Sheets or | | or

How to Prep the Winter Fine Motor Activity for Preschoolers

Print and laminate the fine motor cards. Cut apart the individual fine motor mats.
Grab your LEGO bricks, dry erase writing utensils and let’s go!

If you prefer not to laminate activities, our other favorite option is to use . This allows the activities to be used over and over without using lamination process. You can still use these to write with dry erase markers or crayons. You can also set LEGO bricks or other counters on top as well.

Build a snowman with LEGO bricks using these winter fine motor activities for LEGO bricks.

I prefer laminating for activities that I know we will use over and over, like this one. I KNOW this is going to be a hit. Otherwise, I slide them into a until we are ready to move on.

We used the LEGO Classic set. The newer sets have light bricks like pink and purple as well as the traditional colors. The colors that we use in this activity are: Brown, Dark and Light Blue, Pink, White, Red, Purple, Orange, Black, Yellow, and Grey.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a good chance that you will not have enough of some colors. (Especially the purple, brown and orange bricks.) This is a GREAT opportunity to help your kids use flexible thinking and find out ways to create the pictures with different colors, using multiple small bricks to make a larger brick.

Practice the part-part-whole concept by substituting small bricks for large LEGO with this simple winter fine motor activity.

We have a fairly large collection of bricks, including many LEGO Winter Village sets and we did not have enough .

Practice counting with kindergarteners using these winter fine motor activities for LEGO bricks.

You can always purchase individual colors from Amazon toy shop to fill in the ones that are missing from your LEGO sensory bin. I will be sharing several of these fine motor mats for LEGO bricks throughout the year, so it could be a good investment for future activities.

How To Play:

We have included nine winter themed fine motor mats total in both English and Spanish (woohoo!!). Each fine motor mat includes a winter themed picture (listed below), a big bubble letter, as well as lines to count the colors that appear.

Free printable fine motor activity with winter theme for practicing pincer grasp.

Pictures included:

  • Snowflake- copo de nieve
  • Skate- patines de hielo
  • Snowman- muñeco de nieve
  • Mitten- mitón
  • School- escuela
  • Cocoa- cacao
  • Penguin- pingüino
  • Hat- gorro
  • Tree- árbol

Each page highlights the uppercase initial letter as well as the entire word. This is fantastic for letter recognition and beginning sounds. Students can use a or dry erase crayon to trace the letter.

Each page also has a space to record each brick color with a .

Finally, the main event. Each page has a winter themed picture with grids that are the size of the LEGO blocks. This provides a map for kids to use to create each picture with

While I worked hard to try to make the picture grid the correct size, I know that every printer is a little bit different. It may work better to have the kids create the picture on a LEGO baseplate using the picture as a guide.

Please note: The base plate set linked below DOES include a clear baseplate. It is hard to see in the picture, but it is the baseplate under the white baseplate in the picture. This is the exact set that we used.

Just a fair warning230;. there will be LEGO on the floor…next to the glitter and beaded snowflakes leftover from holiday season…

Additional Ideas:

  • To strengthen fine motor skills even more, put LEGO blocks in a big tray or bowl and use to pull specific colors, sizes or shapes.
  • Sort blocks by color, then count them and add up all of the numbers to find the total number of blocks.
  • Form the large letter with play dough and place it on top of the mat.
  • Increase the challenge by creating the picture with on the side of the fine motor mat instead of on top of it.
  • Create a Christmas tree with additional bricks as “ornaments.”

Pair the Winter Fine Motor Mats for LEGO bricks with fun winter books for an easy math and literacy project!

Looking for more LEGO fun? Check out these amazing LEGO project books from my friend, Sara Dees, creator of ! We have all three books and my kids love them!

Winter LEGO mats fine motor activity for preschool

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