Valentine Math Play Dough Counting Games for Preschoolers

Learning to count is an important skill that preschoolers love to practice year round. Simple counting games for preschoolers that are holiday themed are a wonderful way to get your students to practice their numbers while their minds are focused on handing out valentines and eating sweet treats. Valentine Math Play Dough Counting Games For Preschoolers even have the added bonus of being an awesome fine motor skill activity in addition to a fun counting game!

By playing interactive counting games, preschoolers get excited about math and build their number sense.

Between adorable snail and the play dough activity, this valentine math activity for preschoolers is sure to be a hit with your children.

What Math Should My Preschooler Know?

Here are some of the math skills related to numbers that you can work on with your preschooler.

  • rote counting (saying numbers in sequential order)
  • one to one correspondence (counting out objects one at a time)
  • number recognition
  • numbers in word form
  • basic addition
  • comparing numbers

How To Practice Counting With Your Preschooler:

Incorporating counting into your child’s play time is the perfect counting activity for preschoolers!

Building a tower? Practice counting the blocks!

Zooming cars around? Line them up and find out how many you have!

Coloring a masterpiece? Set a few crayons aside and let your child practice counting them.

It can be as simple as that!

Playing board games is another great way to practice counting with young children.

Free preschool counting games, like this Valentine’s Day math activity for preschoolers, is just another example of a fun and interactive way to practice counting skills with your little one!

How To Use This Preschool Valentine’s Day Math Activity:

The Valentine Math Play Dough Counting Game with 3 hearts on it.

Print the activity out onto white card stock and laminate it or slip it into a clear plastic sleeve.

Get your play dough out, grab a die, and you are ready to go!

Roll the die (or two dice depending on how high you want your child to practice counting).

The Valentine's Day Roll and Count game with 3 hearts on it.

After your child counts how many dots they see on the die, they will create small hearts out of play dough. This is a great activity to strengthen fine motor skills!

Once they have finished making their hearts and counting them out, they can clear the mat and roll again!

Other Ways To Use This Easy Counting Game For Preschoolers:

  • If you do not have play dough, you can use a manipulative like colored bears or counters. Your child can also draw hearts using a dry erase marker if you laminated the pages or put them into a clear plastic sleeve.
  • Practice written numbers after the number has been counted out. You can write the total and have your child trace it, or they can write the letters with some help from you on how to spell the word.
  • Work on addition skills by rolling two dice and then adding the numbers together. Use different colored counters to show the two different numbers before you find the sum.
The Valentine Math Play Dough Counting Game with 5 hearts on it.

Other Preschool Valentine Activities For Math:

Check out these other fun counting games for preschoolers that are Valentine’s Day themed!

Valentine's Day Roll and Count Game Featured Image

More Fun Valentine’s Theme Activities For Children:

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Heart ice cube painting.
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