Easy Paper Plate Octopus Craft for Kids

Summer craft time is the best! We try and set some time aside each day for some arts and crafts projects. Some days we do pick your own project, and other days we do a more structured activity. This Easy Paper Plate Octopus Craft for Kids is a super cute ocean themed sea animal craft that is perfect for kids of all ages!

Octopus Paper Plate Craft for Kids

Making an octopus craft is also a wonderful craft idea for kids if you are on vacation and looking for a quiet activity to do while you take a break inside from the sun.

You just need a few simple materials for this octopus craft preschool activity.

Why Is It Important For Kids To Do Art and Craft Activities?

Besides the fact that kids love arts and crafts projects, there are so many other reasons you should do art and craft activities with your child.

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Materials needed for the Octopus Ocean Craft:

Get the Supplies Here:

Don’t worry about making a special trip to the store. You can get all the supplies for this activity right here.

  • Large paper plate 
  • Blue craft paint
  • Blue yarn
  • Paint brush
  • Hole punch
  • Self stick googly eyes (or glue if they aren’t self stick)
  • Black permanent marker
  • Scissors


Overhead view of the supplies for the Easy Paper Plate Octopus Craft for Kids.

How To Make Octopus With Paper Plate and Yarn:


Cut your paper plate in half.

Paint one side of the paper plate (I normally use the white side) with the blue paint. Apply a second coat if needed and allow to completely dry.

Half a plate painted for the ocean themed paper plate craft for kids.

Using the hole punch, punch 8 holes across the bottom flat part of the plate. Space the holes out as evenly as possible.

Cut 8 pieces of yarn into 12 inch long pieces.

A blue painted paper plate half with holes punched in it for the Easy Paper Plate Octopus Craft for Kids.

Place the yarn through the hole going from the painted side to the unpainted side. Tie a knot on the unpainted side. Repeat with the rest of the pieces of yarn and punched out holes.

A blue painted paper plate half with holes punched in it for the Easy Paper Plate Octopus Craft for Kids.

Stick or glue the googly eyes onto the paper plate and draw a mouth.

Display and enjoy your fun octopus craft!

The finished Easy Paper Plate Octopus Craft for Kids on a polka dot background.

Other Options For This DIY Octopus Craft:

Try Ribbon or Streamers

Use colorful ribbon or streamers instead of yarn for the tentacles on your paper plate octopus for preschool.

Make It Sparkle

Add some glitter detail to your octopus using glitter paint, glitter glue, or by making glue designs and sprinkling glitter on them.

Different Sizes

Try creating a smaller paper plate craft octopus by using smaller size plates.

Bubble Wrap Texture

Press bubble wrap in paint and dab it onto your paper plate to create a fun pattern on your octopus.

Pretend Play

Use your paper octopus in an ocean themed sensory bin for some pretend play fun!




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